The Disappointment

Everyone’s recovery from a brain injury is different, because everyone’s brain is different. (I really can’t emphasise that enough!!) But one thing that we all experience is the disappointment after we’ve had a particularly bad day. I think we can all agree that it’s the absolute worst!

So what I’m about to say may come as a bit of a surprise. And you may think I’m going a bit mad. But hear me out…

Really, when you’ve had a bad day, you should be HAPPY.

You should be happy that you’re having enough ‘good days’ to even notice a ‘bad day’. Look at how far you have come! To even notice the difference between a good day and a bad day is a huge achievement in itself.

The Power of Positivity when Recovering from a TBI

Yes, you’ve had a bad day… But the only reason you know it’s bad is because your brain injury has improved enough to now notice a set back.

I remember the first time I realised this…

I was well enough to identify a bad day, because other days were clearly better! AMAZING!!!! I started saying this to friends and family and they thought I was crazy! How could I be so positive about being so ill?

But I knew myself that I was progressing and that my brain was beginning to heal, even if others couldn’t see it. I could see and feel it in myself, but only because I looked for it. My positivity helped me find the good parts of my recovery. If you only look for bad that’s all you will find, but if you look for good you will find good!

I knew my brain and my recovery better than anybody else. I didn’t let other peoples opinions dictate how I was feeling. I stayed positive and eventually, other people saw the improvements too. Now, I’m doing so well that when I meet people for the first time they have no idea I suffer from a TBI.

But it’s this positive attitude and this positive view on life that has got me to where I am in my recovery today.

Positive Mental Attitude for Brain Injuries

I’m not going to pretend that these bad days don’t hurt like hell – both physically and emotionally. Throughout your recovery you’ll have loads of ups and downs – but it’s usually the downs (the bad days) that we tend to remember the most. I’ve had too many at this stage to list! And when I have one I still find myself getting upset or angry, or feeling deflated by it.

But then I remember how lucky I am to be able to tell the difference between the good and the bad days! I remember that these days happen less and less frequently. And I remember that I now know how to get back on track with my recovery.

So what am I waiting for? It’s time to move on and move forward! It’s time to beat my brain injury. And I’m sure you’re thinking it’s time for you, or your loved one, to do the same!

The Power of Positive Thinking

Learning to be positive about my brain injury was a huge turning point for me. I’ve always been a positive person, so I’m lucky. But applying that positivity to my TBI recovery was the best thing I ever could have done.

Instead of seeing every set back as a ‘defeat’, I used it as an opportunity to learn more about my brain injury.

I would look back on how far I have come and think about how well I am doing and how lucky I am!

I would look at the space of time between these bad days and be happy as they got further and further apart.

I would focus on the improvements between this bad day and the last.

And no matter how small an improvement I experienced, I would celebrate it.

Applying Positive Thinking for TBI Recovery

I would apply this positive way of thinking and outweigh the negatives of my recovery with the positives.

  • Yes, I had a bad couple of days this week. But that means I had 5 good days.
  • Yes, I had a really bad episode at the weekend. But it’s been 2 months since my last one!
  • Yes, I’m only working 5 half days. BUT wow, I’m finally making it to work every day!

I understand that learning to be positive won’t come easy to everyone. And I know that even the most positive people in the world still need other methods to help pick us back up after a bad day. So, I’ve shared some more tips for helping you to recover from a bad day here.