Reiki for Brain Injuries

I mentioned previously that I spent the first 503 days after my brain injury with a constant pain in my head. Some days it was worse than others but, none the less, it was always there. So, I will never forget the very first day that it stopped. To be honest, I was almost so used to the pain that some days I thought it was gone! However, when I felt what it was like to not have pain I realised I had been in pain every moment, of every day since my TBI.

This day came for me just before Christmas in 2015. My bestie Laura was home from Australia and obviously, I wasn’t up for any wild nights out, so we arranged to go for a spa day. We searched for some spa package offers online – I was broke as I was still only working part time. And we found one that offered a hot stone massage (lovely), dry floatation (delightful) and Reiki (what even is that?). I knew it would be relaxing and that I’d enjoy it. But nothing could prepare me for what I was going to experience that afternoon.

My Reiki Sessions

I started off with my hot stone, followed by my dry flotation and finished up with Reiki. When I entered the treatment room for my Reiki I didn’t know what to expect. I was convinced there was going to be some weird, uncomfortable chanting! But I couldn’t have been further from the truth! Jackie, my Reiki Master, was so warm and friendly. I felt so at ease with her.

Jackie understood that I didn’t know what was going to happen and that I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of the treatment. So, she explained that I would stay fully clothed (or in my case in my dressing gown), lie under a big warm blanket and simply relax. Sounds good to me! So I lay back, closed my eyes and the session began.

I’m not sure if I have the vocabulary to describe exactly what you feel when getting a Reiki treatment, but it’s as though all of the blood starts to pump really hard in your ‘problem’ areas and starts to de-clog it. I could feel the left hand-side of my head pumping like crazy – but not in an uncomfortable way. It felt empowering! I knew something great was happening but I didn’t quite know what.

Jackie worked on my whole body, as you always would in a Reiki session, and different parts of my body experienced various levels of this warm, pumping sensation. Despite all of this I was extremely relaxed and didn’t open my eyes once. Instead, I drifted in and out of sleep.

TBI Pain Relief

At the end of my treatment, Jackie went to get me some water and when she came back in I sat up on the bed and tried to explain to her how I felt. I felt light. I felt full of energy. My head felt different too…. It felt, for the first time in 503 days, pain free!! How was this possible? I couldn’t believe it!

I had not disclosed any of my medical history with Jackie before or during the session. I had not mentioned anything about my accident, anything about the pain in my head or anything about my brain injury. But after the session, she said I had a lot of trauma and a lot of pain “here”. She pointed to exactly where I had hit my head. I couldn’t believe it!

Hope Post Brain Injury

I know some people may be sceptical about Reiki and other ‘non-traditional’ forms of healing. But I left that room that day with a feeling of hope. I finally felt like there was an end in sight. I had already discovered a way of living my life that helped me to manage the pain in my head. Now I had discovered a treatment that, for the first time ever, had helped to get rid of it!

Obviously, Reiki isn’t a miracle worker; the pain didn’t stay away forever! To be honest, it was only gone for a few hours. But they were the best few hours I had experienced in almost 18 months. I felt such relief, such hope and such happiness! It gave me hope that the pain would be gone for good some day. I’m still waiting on that day to come, but as I’ve said so many times before – the good, pain-free days, certainly outweigh the bad days now!

Reiki Benefits

I returned to Reiki the following week, and again experienced an amazing session. I continued to go to Reiki and now attend about once every 4-6 weeks. I still feel the benefits every single time. Combining Reiki with all of the other activities such as getting enough rest, practicing mindfulness, exercising, a good diet, etc. has helped me massively over the years.

Friends and family couldn’t get over the difference Reiki made in my life. And we all say that if we didn’t see the difference it made first hand we probably wouldn’t believe how beneficial it is! I am always much brighter, much more upbeat, much lighter. Not only does it help with the pain, but it also helps with my mood, my stress and my anxiety. I definitely recommend you give it a try!